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Our company research and development of super high speed film blowing machine, improved more suitable for raw material (secondary recycled materials) base on the Taiwan technology, screw segment compression, shear mixing advanced technology has applied for national patent, good shear and mixing the plastic is fully classified, enhanced the thin film vertically and horizontally tension, as principal of the production increasing, brightness and the feel of the film can meet the demand of bag market.
The whole machine is square structure
Traction inverter control, host frequency conversion control, (optional fan frequency control, winding frequency control) 100% inverter motor + frequency converter control

  •   Full enclosed over temperature cooling device
  •   Brand Industrial electricity
  •   Lambdoidal board

Optional accessories

  • AutoLoader
  • Corona treater
  • Air compressor
  • Mechanics screen changer
  • Double winding
  • 360°Die rotary device
  • full-automatic winder and lap changing equipment





G-45-40/700   G-50-45/900  G-55-50/1200  G-65-55/1400
Width of the film


T-shirt bag(背心袋) □200-420mm  □250-600mm  □300-1000mm □500-1200mm
Flat bag(平口袋) □200-600mm   □250-800mm  □500-1100mm □500-1300mm
Thickness of the film(薄膜厚度) 0.006-0.04mm
The max output(最大产量) □85kg/h   □125kg/h □150kg/h  □175kg/h
According to different width, thickness of film, die size and raw material characteristics to change


Raw material(适用原料) HDPE/LDPE/LDPE
Power consumption(耗电量) □25kw/h   □28kw/h  □35kw/h  □40kw/h
Weight(重量) □2800kg   □3200kg  □3800kg  □4200kg
Overall dimension(L*W*H)m


□6.5*2.7*5  □6.5*3*5.8 □6.5*3.8*6.2   □6.8*4*6.8
Extruder unit(主机部分)
Diameter of screw


□Φ45/50  □Φ50/45   □Φ55/50   □Φ65/55
38CrMoALA  wear proof Alloy steel,five years guarantee


L/D ratio of screw


Rotation speed of screw


Barrel Fan


Zone 3 barrels install over-temperature fan


Gear box(齿轮箱) □146#×2   □173#×2   □200#×2   □225#×2
Extruder special hard gear reducer,tooth grinding teeth hardened, internal and external oil circulation system


Main motor(主电机) □11kw    □15kw    □30kw   □37kw×2
100% Original three-phase variable frequency motor  Equipped with inverter control

(100%正品三相变频调速电机   配装变频器控制)

Die head unit(模头部分)
Die diameter


□50mm   □60mm  □80mm   □100mm  □120mm
With 40Cr steel forging finishing, eight feed trough runner,Uniform flow channel,blown plasticizing effect


Cool unit(风环类型)
Air ring type


□LDPE double vents vacuum air ring(□HDPE双风口负压风环)

□HDPE Single outlet air ring(□HDPE单风口风环 )

Air ring material


High-quality Taiwan cast aluminum alloy air ring


Bellow power


□1.5kw  □4kw   □2.2kw   □7.5kw   □11kw
Shanghai production of high-pressure mute fan


Traction unit(牵引部分)
旋转驱动 0.75KW低速电机
气浮换向辊 0.5kw漩涡增压风机 ×2
运动方式 ±350°
旋转塔架装置 由齿轮组合组成,无死角免维护。
Width of take up roller


□700mm  □900mm   □1200mm   □1400mm
Traction roller material


 □silicone roll(□硅胶辊)

□NBR roller(□丁晴胶辊)

Take up motor


□1.5kw  □2.2kw  □3.0kw
Installation of RV series reducer variable frequency motor inverter control

(变频电机加装RV系列减速机  变频控制)

Take up speed


恒张力牵引电机 □1.5kw变频控制□10N.m力矩控制
牵引辊宽度 □700mm  □900mm   □1200mm   □1400mm
Embossing roller


□hot embossing unit ( □热压纹装置  )

□cold embossing unit (□冷压纹装置)

Lambdoidal board


Wooden flannel wrapped(木质绒布包裹)
Gusset equipment


□Modular rack type    (□组合式齿条式)

□ Independent Split  (□独立分体式)

Bubble stabilizing ring


□Electric aluminum roller guide  (□电动铝导辊 )

□Manual wood floor (□手动木质板)

Guide roller(导辊) Aluminum guide roller (HV300-HV700) surface treatment

(铝导料辊 (HV300-HV700)表面处理加工)

Winding unit(收卷部分)
Winding type


Surface friction rewinding, manually change the volume


Drive type(驱动方式) Torque motor equipped RV reducer(力矩电机配装RV减速机)
Film expanding roller(薄膜展开装置) Smoothing roll(展平辊)
二次牵引部分 独立力矩控制,恒张力控制
Electric control cabinet(电控柜) low-voltage is Universal electrical appliances, Delixi Electric, Taiwan’s Yang Ming Electric, Huibang temperature control table


Computer control type(电脑控制系统) □7-inch touch screen + process control system(□7寸触摸屏+程序控制系统)

□Automatic air supply device (□自动补气装置)